An Hai Fishery Company Limited (AHFISHCO) possesses state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure good quality of the products and meet customers’ requirements.
An Hai Factory and Office Building
With an area of 20,056 square meters, An Hai Fishery Company Limited has an office building, one factory, four cold storages with in capacity of 2000 MT at -25oC.
1 chiller room with a capacity of about 100 MT (set temperature -2oC). There are 6 blast freezer tunnels, including 2 freezing tunnels of 6 MT/batch and 4 freezing tunnels of 8 MT/batch (all tunnels run to -50oC set temperature). There are 2 flake ice tunnels each with a capacity of 10 MT/day
And 1 glazing conveyor cabinet (IQF) set temperature -40 oC. The plant is equipped with 1 CO room, a canteen and break rooms for employees.